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Adidas Metalbone Team Light 3.3 Padel Racquet


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Lightness is a highly competitive option. This racket is designed for intermediate-level players who opt for fewer grams on their arm to achieve maximum performance.

The Octagonal Structure technology integrates a tubular structure in the heart and frame of the racket to provide maximum resistance to torsion.

Structural Reinforcement, on the perimeter, also increases rigidity. The racket favors powerful shots, as well as those with spin, thanks to the roughness of the Spin Blade Gritt on the surface.

The Fiber Glass surface with the interior of Eva Soft Performance ensures the highest level of playing comfort.


Maximum rigidity comes from the interior. This technology has a tubular structure with an octagonal section in the core of the racket that gives it great consistency. Its resistance to torsion is extremely high, so the most powerful shots are guaranteed


The best effects come from the friction of the surface of the racket with the ball. This technology incorporates a rough layer in a sandy format that increases the adhesion in this type of shot.


The curved hole pattern is optimized so that the trajectory of the racket on these shots generates more friction with the holes to achieve much more noticeable spin.


Introducing the METALBONE TEAM LIGHT: Your Elite Performance Companion. Engineered for the most advanced players, it blends lightweight comfort with high-power capacity. Enhanced rigidity, courtesy of Octagonal Structure and Structural Reinforcement technologies, ensures optimal performance. Crafted with a fusion of FIBER GLASS and EVA Soft Performance rubber compounds, it delivers exceptional balance. The Spin Blade Gritt surface features a rough layer for maximum spin generation, while Smart Holes Linear arrangement optimizes these shots further. Elevate your game with the METALBONE TEAM LIGHT


 Level: Advanced

 Game type: Control

 Format: Round

 Balance: Even (265 mm)

 Weight: 345-360gr (Light Weight)

 Surface: 485 cm2

 Lenght: 455 mm

 Thickness: 38 mm

 Protector: Metalbone Protector Tape

 Rubber: Eva Soft Performance

 Fiber: Fiber Glass

 Power: Octagonal Structure

 Durability: Structural Reinforcement

 Effects: Spin Blade Gritt

 Effects 2: Smart Holes Curve

 Customization: No

 Model: Metalbone

 Collection: 2024

 Sweet spot: Center



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