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Head Radical Pro 2023 Tennis Racquet


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Upgraded with state of the art Auxetic technology for sensational impact feel and enhanced playability, the RADICAL PRO provides a modern blend of power, spin and control. Ideal for all-court tournament players who love to mix it up, this versatile racquet is engineered with exclusive technologies, including sound grommets which enhance your power through greater string movement while optimizing sound and vibrations. You can play any shot with the RADICAL PRO, which has Graphene in the frame, a variable beam cross-section which balance power, control and spin, and a dynamic 16/19 string pattern. Known as “The People’s Racquet”, the RADICAL series has a bold, new, asymmetric design.

– Innovative Auxtetic technology for sensational impact feel
– Modern blend of power, spin and control
– Highly versatile for all-court tournament players
– Bold, new, asymmetrical design

CPI                   200
Beam                20/21.5/21mm
Head size          630cm2 / 98 “
Frame weight     315 g / 11.1 oz
Frame balance   315 mm / 1″ HL
Length               685mm / 27.0 “
String pattern     16/19


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