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Velous Hoya Slide (Black White)


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Introducing the VELOUS Hoya Adjustable Slide – combining convenience and performance. Equipped with Tri-Motion™ Technology for optimized foot movement and refreshment. Lightweight, breathable, and adjustable for continuous comfort.

  • Comfort Guarantee

  • Universal Fit Footwear

  • Size up if in between sizes

    • Patent-pending Tri-MotionTM Technology focuses on each part of the foot strike motion. It provides exactly what your feet need at each phase, from a soft and stabilized heel contact, to great arch support, and then a full flexing toe-off to the next step. Integral to this unique concept is Foamotion foam. Using a special pellet-pour process, two super-soft densities of foam are blended together with a gradual transition from one to the other in the midfoot area. A firm base foam acts to stabilize the heel and provide arch support

    • UPPER: Adjustable straps, with split velcro for added flexibility

    • LINING: Moisture-wicking textile

    • MIDSOLE: 25A is the softest foam in the heel area, ideal for cushioning. 35A is slightly firmer foam in the forefoot, ideal for flexing.

    • OUTSOLE: 65A is the firmest foam, ideal for durability and traction

    • STABLE HEEL CUP: soft impact, no ankle roll

    • ARCH SUPPORT: 65A firm EVA arch ramp

    • FLEX-VELCRO: split with a gap for upper flexiblity

    • ERGONOMIC FOOTBED: contoured for comfort

    • SUPER SOFT SOLE: 25A soft heel EVA 35A soft forefoot EVA

    • ADJUSTABLE-FIT UPPER: two-piece velcro and synthetic straps moisture-wicking textile lining

    • TOE AND HEEL LIFT: for a natural walking feel

    • FLEXIBLE FOREFOOT: for gentle tendon stretching

    • Voted Best Fitness Recovery Essentials by Gear Patrol: “Proper recovery doesn’t have to be its own dedicated regimen. You can start your relief after your workout simply by choosing the right footwear. These impressive slides from Velous are overflowing with cushioning, ideal for those post-training steps either from the gym to the car or simply around the house.”


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