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Wilson Burn 100LS V5.0 Tennis Racquet


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  • A slightly lighter version of the Burn 100S, the Burn 100LS is easier to swing and generates maximum spin potential in each shot. Baseliners will appreciate this open string pattern, where they can produce maximum RPMs for each stroke without compromising their usual swing. High Performance Carbon Fibers incorporated within the frame also allows players to generate additional power while also experiencing a more responsive feel. The burnt orange finish displays the character of the new Burn v5 racket family.

  • Lighter weight version that is more arm-friendly, yet still provides optimal power, control, and maneuverability

  • Spin Effect Technology increases ball RPM without changing your swing to maximize spin

  • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response

  • High Performance Carbon Fiber offers increased frame stiffness for explosive power

  • Dynamic burnt orange metallic paint that stands out from all other cosmetics

  • Head (sq in): 100

  • Length (in): 27

  • String Pattern: 18×16

  • Strung balance (cm): 33.8

  • Strung balance (pts): -2

  • Strung weight (grams): 296

  • Taper System (mm): 23-25-23


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