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Wilson Roland Garros Clash 100 V2.0 2022 Tennis Racuqet


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The Roland Garros Clash 100 v2 delivers sophisticated design inspired by the heart of championship clay court tennis. An immediate appeal for its blend of flexibility and stability thanks to its patent-protected carbon FORTYFIVE° construction, this racket elevates playability with a revised construction at the tip of the hoop that significantly enlarges the sweet spot. Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommets and end cap incorporate sustainable components for a reduced footprint on the environment. Design features an embossed Clash logo on the throat along with French tennis words patterned across the frame for a meaningful, indelible look on the court.

  • Head (sq cm)645

  • Head (sq in)100

  • Length (cm)68.58

  • Length (in)27

  • String Pattern16X19

  • Strung balance (cm)32

  • Strung balance (pts)-7

  • Strung weight (grams)309

  • Strung weight (ounces)10.9

  • Taper System (mm)24.5 FB

  • Unstrung balance (cm)31

  • Unstrung balance (pts)-10

  • Unstrung weight (grams)295

  • Unstrung weight (ounces)10.41


    • Parallel DrillingGrommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot.

    • Vertical BendingVertical bending of racket frame increases ball dwell time on string bed for players with more modern, vertical swings.

    • Horizontal BendingHorizontal bending of racket frame creates industry-leading flexibility for enhanced control on more traditional, horizontal swings.

    • Torsional BendingTorsional bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize frame flexibility on off-center hits.

    • FORTYFIVE°Patent-protected frame layup produces more connected-to-the-ball feel while better complementing the more modern, vertical swing path. Material increases both flexibility and stability without compromise through the swing.

    • Sophisticated design inspired by Roland Garros with tournament logo on throat and French tennis words layered across anodized elastic frame

    • 100 sq in headsize and weight offer ideal balance of power and control

    • FORTYFIVE° comprises a patent-protected carbon construction that creates maximum flexibility and stability at impact for an uncompromising blend of power, control and feel

    • Revised construction at tip of hoop supplies additional consistency and an enhanced sweet spot

    • Horizontal Bending creates industry-leading flexibility for increased control on horizontal, traditional swings

    • Vertical Bending increases dwell time for players with vertical, modern swings

    • Torsional Bending features proprietary carbon mapping to stabilize the extreme flexibility on off-center hits

    • Parallel Drilling provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response

    • Agiplast plant-based bumper, grommet and end cap components reduce environmental footprint


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