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Wilson Ultra Elite V2 Padel Racquet


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Optimized for lightweight power and cushioned feel, the Ultra Elite V2 packs powerful performance within a sleek, bold design for competitive players. New geometry features Power Pillar, a bridge spanning the throat to enhance power and stability throughout the swing. Carbon Fiberglass material and Soft EVA foam combine to produce a lightweight, cushioned feel with top-tier shock absorption and a desirable blend of comfort and lightweight power for its users.

Infinity Edge increases the paddle sweet spot and playing surface with a revolutionary concave design along the paddle edge

Carbon Fiberglass Composite contributes lightweight feel and produces greater power than fiberglass paddles

Soft EVA Foam offers a cushioned feel with impressive shock absorption, generating a desirable blend of comfort and lightweight power

Opti-Grip comprises pebbled texture on surface to optimize ball grip for added control on high-powered, aggressive shots

Power Pillar features bridge across throat for extra power and stability

Sublime Grip encompasses ideal blend of softness, tack and comfort with additional moisture absorption through micro-perforations on its surface

Wrist Strap attached to handle provides extra control and safety measures

Grip Size : 4 – 1/4

Head Size : 81.2 sq in / 523.9 sq cm

Length : 455 mm

Unstrung Weight : 361 g



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