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Dunlop Sonic Core Elite 135 Squash Racquet


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Dunlop Sonic Core Elite 135 Squash Racquet is part of the Dunlop Sonic Core range and this model offers a great combination of enhanced power with precision and control due to the larger head size and stringing pattern. This model would be perfect for intermediate players. Featuring many technologies, Sonic Core Evolution is powered by Srixon and made using Infinergy by BASF, which is the ultimate elastic material that increases the rebound height by up to 46%. This, in combination with Sonic Core in the frame, offers faster ball speed off the racquet. These are placed in the two and 10 o’clock areas of the frame and help friction reduction by up to 37%. Pocketed grommets and an aerodynamic cross section, increase the head speed, together with GlidePolymer which increase the stringbed movement to generate extra power and better durability.

Weight  135g
Headsize”  500 cm.sq./
String pattern  14 x 18
Balance  Head Light
Tension  20 – 30lbs

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