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Adidas Adipower ATTK 3.2 Pickleball Paddle


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Behold the Adidas Pickleball Adipower ATTK 3.2 Paddle – a true embodiment of unwavering durability and peak performance. For players seeking to unleash their power and exude confidence on the court, this paddle is your trusted companion.

The CARBON ALUMINIZED 24k composition is the secret sauce behind your game-changing shots. It infuses your strokes with the raw power you crave, regardless of the playing situation, ensuring a clean, top-notch performance every time you step onto the court.

But that’s not all – the high-density HONEYCOMB polypropylene core does more than just deliver power. It also produces an exceptional sound and expertly dampens vibrations, providing you with unparalleled control and comfort.

And let’s talk spin – our cutting-edge SPIN BLADE technology empowers you to generate spin on the most demanding shots, giving you the upper hand in any rally.

As if that weren’t enough, the sweet spot perched at the pinnacle of the paddle enhances the force behind your attacking shots, making you feel unstoppable.

Worried about wear and tear? Fear not! The surrounding protector has got your back, safeguarding the paddle from ground impacts and twisting.

Elevate your game with the Adidas Pickleball Adipower ATTK 3.2 Paddle – where power, confidence, and performance converge for an unbeatable playing experience. Dominate the court with every swing.


 Level: Pro

 Game type: Attack

 Sweet spot: Top

 Fiber: Carbon Aluminized 24k

Material Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb

 Frame: Carbon Reinforcement

 Reinforcement: Carbon Fiber

 Spin blade: Spin Blade MAX

 Color: Yellow

 Grip Material: PU-EVA Combo

 Grip Length: 5″

 Grip Circumference : 4 1/8″

 Weight: 7.5oz – 7.8oz

 Thickness: 14mm

 Dimensions: 16 1/2 ” x 7 1/2 “

 Sport: Pickleball

 Model: Adipower

 Collection: 2023



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