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Adidas Adipower CTRL 3.2 Pickleball Paddle


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Introducing the Pickball Adipower CTRL 3.2 paddle – a game-changer designed for those who demand superior control and unmatched comfort on the court.

This paddle redefines the playing experience with its exceptional touch, attributed to the consistently balanced sweet spot nestled right in the heart of the paddle. Not only does it deliver remarkable control, but it also packs a punch, empowering you to dominate the game effortlessly, whether you’re holding the baseline or commanding the kitchen.

How, you ask? It’s all thanks to the cutting-edge CARBON ALUMINISED 24k composition and the high-density HONEYCOMB POLYPROPYLENE core.

With its broad body shape and generous sweet spot, this paddle is tailor-made for players seeking optimal performance, making it suitable for various skill levels and playing styles. And let’s not forget about the SPIN BLADE feature, designed to help you unleash the most jaw-dropping spin shots imaginable.

Get ready to elevate your game to new heights with the Pickball Adipower CTRL 3.2 paddle. Control, power, and style – all at your fingertips.


Level: Pro

 Game type: Control

 Sweet spot: Center

 Fiber: Carbon Aluminized 24k

 Material Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb

 Frame: Carbon Reinforcement

 Reinforcement: Carbon Fiber

 Spin blade: Spin Blade MAX

 Color: Red

 Grip Material: PU-EVA Combo

 Grip Length: 5″

 Grip Circumference : 4 1/8″

 Weight: 7.8oz – 8.2oz

 Thickness: 14mm

 Dimensions: 16 ” x 8 “

 Sport: Pickleball

 Model: Adipower

 Collection: 2023



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